Couple loses 400 pounds in inspirational weight loss journey: 'Every day I wake up is a blessing' - Thought verse
Couple loses 400 pounds in inspirational weight loss journey: 'Every day I wake up is a blessing'

Couple loses 400 pounds in inspirational weight loss journey: 'Every day I wake up is a blessing'

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Lexi and Danny Reed of Terre Haute, Indiana, have lost an aggregate 400 pounds together in two years.s

"Doing this as two or three has helped us in such huge numbers of ways," Lexi Reed, 27, revealed to ABC News. "On days when we were unmotivated, we pushed each other to go to the rec center. We likewise began dinner preparing together, defining objectives, and step by step or pound by pound we developed nearer all through our Journey."
Lexi and Danny Reed of Terre Haute, Indiana, celebrate their wedding day.

What began as a New Year's determination has prompted a viral Instagram account, @fatgirlfedup, archiving their rousing weight reduction travel together with an incredible 463,000 adherents.

At the point when the couple began their main goal to shed the weight, Lexi Reed was 485 pounds and Danny Reed was 280 pounds.

"I went from a size 28 to a size 10," said Lexi Reed.

"I went from a 46 the distance down to a 32," Danny Reed, 29, included.

lexi and Danny Reed enjoy their rigorous workouts during their weight loss journey.

Lexi Reed said they "were tired of the life [they] were living" so they set out to roll out an improvement, hitting the exercise center, eating sound and reporting everything on her Instagram account.

"I never anticipated that would have such an effect," she said. "I simply needed to get sound."

Lexi and Danny Reed of Terre Haute, Indiana, begin their workout journey.

Fitness specialists say one key to progress is having another person to incline toward.

"An exercise accomplice is critical. Responsibility is everything," big name wellness coach Latreal Mitchell disclosed to ABC News. "Few out of every odd day you will need to go out there and give it your everything. At any rate you'll have somebody to state, 'Go ahead. Today is my day to elevate you and the other way around.'"

Danny Reed now weighs 191 pounds and Lexi is down to 182, yet they said this was no simple accomplishment.

Lexi and Danny Reed of Terre Haute, Indiana, enjoy a healthy workout together.

"The hardest piece of our Journey was changing our relationship with food," said Lexi Reed. "When I was 485 pounds, I never cooked. My significant other and I would go out to eat for practically each and every feast and on the off chance that we cooked at home, it was solidified pizza or whatever else unfortunate. We found that by feast preparing as opposed to depending on fast food, we could stay with our objectives when we were grinding away. What's more, by figuring out how to cook our own suppers we were accountable for what we were eating. We were eager to take in each and every day of our trip and we likewise began utilizing the exercise center as treatment rather than sustenance. By altering our opinions, propensities and enthusiastic triggers, we changed our lives."

The glad couple is eager to head into 2018 being simply the most advantageous variants.

"There are no words to clarify the sentiment sparing your own particular life," said Lexi Reed. "Going into 2018 I have only a newly discovered satisfaction for this life I am living. I never again am a detainee in my own body and rather than simply existing in my own particular life, I'm at last alive. Consistently I wake up is a gift."

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